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Chris Gerikh

Website Development Portfolio, Website Design, Flash Animation & Programming

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Personal Stuff

2008 Princess Cruise Vacation Sequence

Gallery Snapshots

Weblog: no not really a Blog


This website is my professional online portfolio as well as my personal site for family and friends.

My website is a reflection of my creativity. Born in Ukraine and raised in a household of classical musicians, I relish the creative domains.

I'm an avid viewer of film. This interest fuels my collection of orchestral movie soundtracks. I know that these interests carry over into my web development projects. My portfolio displays my creative vision and style: allowing for innovative and exciting design. I fixate on details: making for some long and laborious nights.

Mobile Experiment

For the sake of experimentation, you are viewing the mobile version of my website. It's totally stripped down & it's slowly being built out as I convert the desktop portions to a mobile interface.

Half & Half

The left side features everything professional and development-specific. The right is family oriented & personal. Things on the right may scare the professionals away, but if you look past the personal stuff, you will notice that the work is very much professional.

News & Notes

11.14.11 In the spirit of keeping up with the times, my site is now fully mobile friendly. Pull it up on your phone and enjoy a stripped down, pure CSS-based interface. I'm still building some things out so it lacks a bit of my flare but it's pretty darn good for taking the same existing desktop markup and parsing it through my new mobile-based template. It's tested on both the Android and iPhone OS/iOS. I did not get a chance to test on a Windows mobile (yet) but it should render just fine.

11.11.11 I'm going through some parts of my site & trying to update the code to HTML5 / CSS3 / mobile / tablet / etc. This site is 2 years old now so things are a bit outdated. I don't have time to rewrite the entire thing so it's going to be a mixed bag of tricks for now.

06.19.09 I added a log page so most updates will probably filter through there. Ok it's a Blog if you insist on calling it that, but the intent is really just to use WordPress as an update(s) engine.

Depending on what makes sense I will probably continue to update the Section Notes area specific to each page.

01.02.09 Hello World. My 2009 site is live!