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Website and family-related notes or updates.

Video Player Updates & Small Gallery Updates

August 13th, 2009

I made some gallery updates and finally got back to working on the video player. I made a bunch of enhancements but there is still a good list of features I need to integrate before it can pass for a player I am satisfied with. More details on the player page.

Interactive Flash Map

June 29th, 2009

I put together a mini-map project to try & show where our scaly members are native to, and thanks to the power of ActionScript, it turned out to be one heck of a map engine. I still have to add more details to the map and expand on the features, but the first version of it is now up and running.

On another pet-related note, I’m having trouble keeping my old laptop alive. The power connection is really loose and the thing shuts off if Rascal jumps on it or if it overheats. I’m working on a solution. It will probably be in the form of a new dummy PC that can feed my server.

Zelda our Hybrid Iguana, Jenny, and Masha

June 23rd, 2009

I finally added Zelda to the pet page. She was the final member of our reptile family. I also re-added pictures of Jenny, our Little Beagle, and Masha my cat. Both are no longer with us and I removed them for a long time from the site for a number of reasons but, enough time has passed and I put them back up to show that yes, we did at one point grow up with hairy & furry family members. Back in those days, I didn’t even know what an Iguana was or that there are giant lizards in general. It’s understandable. I remember a Larry King episode when he had Jack Hanna on the show and a tame adult Rhinoceros Iguana on the table: people (along with Daryl Hannah) were dumbfounded.

2009 Washington D.C. Memorial Day Photos

June 22nd, 2009

The 2009 Washington D.C. Memorial Day weekend photos are now up on the gallery page. Mindy has yet to add the captions to each shot. As you probably noticed, the gallery only has panoramic/landscape/horizontal photos. We have a bunch of vertical/portrait shots but I don’t like how they look squeezed in to the gallery shell. My brain misfires when something does not look just right on the website :)

Rebranding WordPress

June 13th, 2009

I probably missed a template or two so I’m still working through anything that still needs to be tweaked. This is a much better solution for quick and easy updates for anything and everything. I would have installed and rebranded phpBB as I have done in the past, but given my design that would take way too long to make it fully custom with out relying on some existing template with a dark-themed stylesheet. You can count WordPress templates on your fingers, but phpBB is a different story. I wante to do some cool stuff with the avetars but… I’ll put that off for now.

Nothing tops the… fun… I had rebranding osCommerce years ago. What a nightmare that was. It took me 3 days to rebrand osCommerce the first time. We were selling it as a product. It took me a year to perfect the process of rebranding that thing. I got to a point where I had all the directories and files lined up to be overwritten on every new installation and the process took under 4 hours. The drawback was that it was impossible to upgrade , but then again it was not much of a concern from a development standpoint, since the programmers hacked up the base install so much so that even they were not able to upgrade without sacrificing a lot of time, and losing some business in the interim.

I also have a story about Sharepoint, but I can’t divulge what me and another colleague of mine (a gifted programmer) did with that Microsoft beast. Not yet at least.

Overheating or Freezing

June 13th, 2009

No, not the reptiles :) I’m talking about the machine running the cameras. I can’t remote in from work if it goes down :( That being the case, the feeds can go down for the day.