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Chris Gerikh

Website Development Portfolio, Website Design, Flash Animation & Programming

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Personal Stuff

2008 Princess Cruise Vacation Sequence

Gallery Snapshots

Weblog: no not really a Blog


The projects I have featured here are a small fraction of my work. From start to finish, I've completed over a few hundred websites with variable complexities. I've worked on hundreds more: making all sorts of changes or fixes that range in diverse degrees of difficulty and responsibility. Over the years I've helped clients with all sorts of web-related issues.

Web Philosophy

It's short. My approach to projects is based on a few basic guidelines:
  1. It has to work and it must be presentable.
  2. Development must be intelligent on both the front and code-behind presentation.
As you browse over my work, I also define my responsibilities and coding style.

2011 Websites

Public/Internet (not Intranet) Projects.

Primo Experiences

  • Original Website Design & Development

VIP City Ticket Pages/Sites

  • Original Design & Development
  • HTML5

Pettibones Grille

  • Original Design & Development

VIP Super Bowl Tickets

  • Original Design & Development
  • Original Logo Design now on a van!

2010 Websites

Public/Internet (not Intranet) Projects. I dropped CSS Only & W3C XHTML Compliant bullet points for 2010. It's now implied for all of my projects.


  • Original Website Design & Development
  • Original Logo Design
  • SEO/SEM Code-Hierarchy
  • jQuery Slideshow Design & Integration
  • Involved Integration

C&G Paint and Body

  • Original Design & Development

ReptileUV Video Compositing

  • Filming
  • Sound Editing
  • Video Editing
  • Video Effect(s) Concept(s) & Rendering
  • Flash Programming
  • Site-wide Integration

Mike's Subs in Kenmore!

  • Original Design & Development

Featured 2008 & 2009 Websites

Public/Internet (not Intranet) Projects

ReptileUV / Mega-Ray

  • Overhauled Template Design & Development
  • Video Player: Original Design, Branding & Flash Programming
  • Misc. Flash Animation
  • Misc. PHP & PayPal Programming
  • CSS Only
  • W3C XHTML Compliant

College Golf Balls

  • Original Design & Development
  • CSS Only & SEO/SEM Code-Hierarchy
  • W3C XHTML Compliant

  • Original Design & Development
    (logo not my design)
  • CSS Only & SEO/SEM Code-Hierarchy
  • W3C XHTML Compliant

  • Original Design & Development
  • CSS Only & SEO/SEM Code-Hierarchy
  • W3C XHTML Compliant

Online Backups Review

  • Original "Web 2.0" Design & Development
  • Flash Animation
  • CSS Only & SEO/SEM Code-Hierarchy
  • W3C XHTML Compliant

Dashboards & Portals

Featured Intranet/internal projects. Some elements removed for confidentiality.

More Cool Stuff

2010 Portal In-Flight Projects, Dynamic ActionScript 3.0

In a nutshell, for project status presentations between the powers that be, my manager was using a static PowerPoint presentation slide that looked like a funnel with a bunch of circles drawn out manually to display the project status for any work that was coming down the pipe. The business liked his approach and wanted the other managers in IT to adopt the same concept. The problem was that no one had the time to manually & individually do the same thing, so there was a need to make the entire thing a dynamic application that would do all the UI heavy lifting: hooked in to the corporate project database.

In comes Flash and ActionScript 3.0 to the rescue. I designed and programmed everything on the Flash side. I also defined the XML schema. Once I had all of the animation & programming working with dummy data, one of our .NET programmers wrote the engine for the dynamically generated XML file.

This was definitely a fun and unique project. This is not a fully functional example since you can't swap XML feeds/it's not hooked to any of the dynamic XML stuff, but you can still get the idea from the dummy data presentation.

This Website

While I did the best I could to optimize this website, it does not hold back any punches. I hope you have both the bandwidth and computer horsepower to enjoy this site.

Take a look at my full checklist of the things I tried to achieve for this redesign. I think I pulled it off but you be the judge.