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Personal Stuff

2008 Princess Cruise Vacation Sequence

Gallery Snapshots

Weblog: no not really a Blog


I'm not really sure why I created a "Family" page. Not a lot of members on my side that's for sure. Mindy is the one with the - really - extended family and friends. I suppose when you get married you also inherit.


I like different things, but I'm not hardcore about anything specific (not anymore at least). I watch movies and collect movie soundtracks: specifically orchestral score. For years I use to be a Doom, Quake, Starcraft, and Diablo junkie but as my responsibilities changed and I actually had to do something with my life, it's been years since I played a PC video game. I do enjoy a game on my PS3 from time to time.

I enjoy playing soccer but not necessarily watching it on TV. I enjoy chess but no one I know will play since I tend to stretch a game to 3 hours.

My Nissan Xterra introduced me to 4x4 off-road, so eventually I'd like to modify the truck and have some fun. In the summer we trailer my 14 ft. inflatable Korean military boat and either go fishing or just anchor in the middle of a river all day long to relax.


Since this site doubles as my professional portfolio I debated if I should even present our pet page. The odds that people get a weird vibe about reptiles in general is pretty good, so while I want to make the information available to others - allowing people that are interested to take away from my experience - the personal vs. professional issue puts me in a Catch 22.

I grew up with a cat for 15 years and a Beagle for 13 years. Like anyone else who has lost a member of the family, I share the experiences of making some of the most difficult decisions. I don't think my parents will ever recover from the loss and neither will I, but I have tried to put it behind me and our extended cold-blooded family will hopefully live with us to old age (knock on wood).

Section Notes

01.05.09 I'm capturing & transcoding all of my dads 8mm tapes before the camera & the tapes die. I'll be adding a bunch of stuff from my past life.